38″ stainless Steel Double Door with Reveal


Transform your outdoor kitchen with the expansive elegance of Bull’s 38-inch Stainless Steel Double Doors, featuring our innovative Reveal Design. These expansive 38-inch doors are constructed with the same attention to detail, using premium 304 Grade 16 Gauge Stainless Steel. The Reveal Design, specifically tailored for this larger size, enhances your outdoor space with modern elegance. More than just aesthetically pleasing, these 38-inch doors boast a double-lined construction for increased storage capacity, ideal for organizing everything from spatulas to larger propane tanks. Embrace the luxury of spaciousness and bid farewell to the clutter in your outdoor culinary area. Bull’s blend of quality and style in these double doors elevates your outdoor kitchen and turns it into a true haven for culinary enthusiasts. Discover our premium outdoor kitchen and grill solutions to complete your ideal setup. (Available February 2024, Replaces Item#34000)

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