Portable Smoker


Portable Smoker

With the versatility and capacity of our portable smokers, they are a caterer’s and cook-off competitor’s dream. Just like our portable grill with firebox, each trailer comes equipped with a wire basket to hold your wood, a place for your ice chest, and a water cooler holder. You can smoke meats, as well as other foods, in both the horizontal and the vertical chamber. The offset firebox can be used as a grill and the warming plate on top helps keep sauces warm. Need more flames for cooking beans and the like?  Add on a fish fryer burner or two.  A large cleanout door and removable wood/charcoal grate in the firebox makes for easy cleanup which lets you get ready for your next event.  All of our smokers are made of new, ¼” pipe and are hand-welded. These smokers are mounted our trailers which use a “Torflex” axle and 15″ tires and wheels. They are equipped with lights, a 2″ bull-dog coupler and a castor jack. Other accessories are available upon request.

20″ x 40″ Portable Double-Lid Smoker with Firebox  $4355

24″ x 48″ Portable Double-Lid Smoker with Firebox  $5725

24″ x 72″ Portable Triple-Lid Smoker with Firebox  $6155


20” x 40” 24” x 48” 24” x 72”
Overall Height 90” 90” 90”
Overall Width 72” 72” 72”
Overall Length 1150” 160” 190”
Weight (lbs) 1350 1800 2000


Portable smoker with firebox comes with cook surface grates for the horizontal smoke chamber and the firebox, a rib rack in the horizontal smoke chamber, three removable shelves and hanging rod in the vertical smoker, a wood/charcoal bottom grate for the firebox, and a clean out tool.

Additional options include:
Temperature Gauge – $45.00
Wood/Charcoal Grate for Grill Section – Price varies depending on size
Fish Fryer Add on – $535
Folding Table Add on – $605