Regular Pizza Splits


    Northeast Hardwood Blend.
    Size – 16 inches in length and 2-3 inches thick.

    Use with
    Commercial grade pizza ovens or homemade pizza ovens that are large enough to cook multiple pizzas at a time. Fiero, Mara Forni, Forno Bravo, etc.

    What’s Included?
    Enough regular pizza splits for cooking 25-30 pizzas, fire starters and premium matches.

    The perfect start to a backyard wood-fired meal

    Black oven, or white oven, our regular size pizza split firewood is a mixed hardwood blend split down to a smaller size. We recommend this for wood-fired ovens whether you’re cooking pizza, focaccia, skillets or galettes. These perfectly cut pieces are approximately 16 inches long and 2”-3” inches in diameter so you can manage the flame and temperature of your wood-fired oven without meal-disrupting temperature increases each time a piece is added. This is the same type of wood we supply some of the most famous pizzerias & restaurants in America, now available for our residential customers!

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