Stainless Steel Finishing Frame for Bull Power Burner with Reveal


Transform your outdoor kitchen with the Bull BBQ Stainless-Steel Finishing Frame, tailored for the Bull Power Burner. This frame, exquisitely made from superior stainless steel, not only enhances the look of your Power Burner but also provides a polished, professional finish. Its distinct design uplifts your outdoor cooking space’s aesthetics, contributing to a stylish, unified environment. Ideal for those seeking an upscale, cohesive look, the Stainless-Steel Finishing Frame turns your Bull Power Burner into a stunning focal point. Elevate outdoor cooking with this elegant accessory, merging functionality and chic design. The Stainless-Steel Finishing Frame is the ultimate upgrade, completing your sophisticated outdoor kitchen setup with the Bull Power Burner. (Available February 2024, Replaces Item #96150)