Triple Lid Smoker


Triple Lid Smoker

Our triple lid smoker is for satisfying large crowds and is perfect for those larger hunting camps and other venues. It is made from 24” diameter pipe which allows for more cooking area. The 24” long offset firebox, also gives you more room for grilling. Because of the weight, this smoker is built on skids instead of wheels. This smoker offers temperature control with our butterfly intake draft and dual smoke stack dampers. A temperature gauge port is added to the vertical chamber and to all three lids of the horizontal chamber. Both the vertical smoking chamber and the firebox have a clean out door.

24″ x 72″ Triple-Lid Smoker with Firebox on Skids  $4055


Triple Lid Smoker with Firebox
Overall Height 92”
Overall Width 36″
Overall Length 130”
Weight (lbs) 1600


Triple lid smoker with firebox comes with cook surface grates for the horizontal smoker section and the firebox, three removable shelves and hanging rod in the vertical smoker section, a wood/charcoal bottom grate for the firebox, and a clean out tool.

Additional options include:

Temperature Gauge – $45.00

Wood/Charcoal Grate for Grill Section – Price varies depending on size