Ultimate Smoker Pit



The go to design for most backyard pitmasters. The Ultimate offers an offset firebox with a cooking chamber designed to meet the needs of everyone. This versatile unit can handle anything, from brisket and ribs to pizza and fish.


  • Our patented roll-top lid, stack cap, prep shelf, firebox damper, and propane bottle holder are all constructed of the highest quality 304 stainless steel
  • Removable dual cooking grates
  • 3/16” carbon steel cooking chamber with built-in water reservoir for moist heat
  • ¼” Plate firebox with an EZ Open door and a removable fire grate for easy cleaning
  • 30,000 BTU rating propane log lighter for starting your fire quickly and safely
  • Stainless steel screw intake damper on the firebox for precise temperature control and upper smoke stack damper for controlling smoke
  • Two rear-mounted 10 inch solid rubber wheels and two front-mounted 5 inch swivel caster wheels for easy maneuvering


  • Hand crafted red cedar hardwood handles for the stainless steel lid
  • Rubber covered maneuvering handles
  • Stainless steel working surface
  • Paper towel rack
  • Tool hooks for hanging cooking utensils
  • Drain valve/water pan
  • Custom 550° thermometer
  • Log lighter


  • Fully stainless option
  • Extended top to increase cooking area by approximately 40%
Model Options


Barrel Size
length x diameter

36 x 24”

48 x 24″

Pit Dimensions
length x depth x height

80 x 33 x 60”

92 x 33 x 60″

length x depth x height

24 x 23 x 24″

24 x 23 x 24″

Smoker Size Comparison
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